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Horeee: Messaging & Local Services!
Free Messaging for Anyone & Everyone! Discover Local Service Providers around You!

Whether you just need a helping hand at home/office or you are a merchant or service provider looking to promote your business, Horeee is made for you.

Discover what is around you!

With Horeee, you can find the closest and trusted service providers or merchants around you! Connect with them instantly using chat or voice call. Arrange with them directly without any third-party commissions!

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Free Messaging for Everyone!

Send free one-on-one messages to your friends or families, or video call to see them face-to-face! It’s easy to stay connected with your loved ones.

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Grow Your Business

Easily promote yourself or your business to the neighbourhood around you, with Horeee’s map.

Track Your Bookings

Track your booking history, leave reviews and much more!

Publish Yourself

Publish yourself by toggling the visibility button in your Profile Settings.

Increase Your Awareness

Improve your visibility and get more leads from day one!

What they say about Horeee

Read our testimonials and see how Horeee helped people like you!

If I’m a vendor, how do I use Horeee?

Look for Horeee in your Apple AppStore or Google PlayStore

1. Download

Download through your phone’s app store. It’s currently available at Google PlayStore or find the link on top of this page.

2. Register

Register using your mobile number so your contacts are instantly synced.

3. Update Profile

Update your description, select your category and turn on your visibility to be visible.

4. Get enquiries

You’ll start receiving enquiries via chat or voice call for free. Arrange your own schedule. No fees or commissions.

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Does signing up or promoting on Horeee cost anything?

Horeee is FREE for users and merchants!

How do I make a booking on Horeee?

Horeee is a free platform, where you are able to communicate directly with the merchant or service providers. You can arrange for appointments directly, and Horeee is not involved with your transaction.

How long does it take to publish my profile?

Done in 60 seconds! The current record is 38 seconds! Try it out and let us know if you’ve beaten it.

What Are You Waiting For? Download Horeee Today!

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